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We purchased a brand new Jayco FLQS in April 2016. It was in the shop for warranty work for 9 days.

One of the few things thing that they "repaired" during those 9 days was lubricate the slide out mechanism. The manager of towable warranty repair called and said that they couldn't keep it there any longer due to a lack of space. There is a list of 14 items to be repaired. The most serious is the bedroom slide.

The roof leaks, beneath the window, brown/orangish water is running down the wall (stained the bed linens & mattress) and the slide makes all kinds of sounds and jerks badly when opened or closed. I have requested numerous times the manufacturer of the bedroom slide ( in writing) but they are ignoring my request. Does anyone know how I can find this information? They lubricated the mechanism for the slide but it did not improve.

I think it's defective. The dealer said it would take 3-6 weeks to get the parts in & then said that they needed to call Jayco to find out how to proceed. This 5th wheel is unusable and due to the water damage in the ceiling & wall, most likely, there is mold & mildew growing. I've attached a video.

Please keep in mind, this is after they "repaired" it by lubricating the mechanism.

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RVONE in Zorlando said that they repaired the slide. They leveled it, “patched the roof and scored it back together.

This summer, we were camping. Everyone was getting sick. Throwing up, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections. In early August, my husband called an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe well.

I was in the hospital for several days. There was mold in the bedroom & all of the air ducts. RVONE would not hire a mild expert but instead purchased a mold test from Home Depot & did it themselves. We also found out that the living room floor had not been screwed down.

Tried to have Jayco replace or buy back our unit. They refused. Also, a tire blew with less than 1,000 miles on it.

Jayco has offered to replace the tire & repair the exterior. On Monday, I am contacting Florida’s Consumer Complaint Office & will need to hire an attorney.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1225946

The squeaking is likely do to the rubber "wiper" seals on the top and bottom of the opening for the slide out. Mine did this too, granted not the same model.

I cleaned the wipers and used a spray on silicon dry lubricant. It seems to have fixed my issue.

to Anonymous #1387482

Thank you. I just saw your reply.

No. It wasn’t on the mechanism properly. There was a 3-4” gap between the exterior & interior wall where water was literally pouring in. When they screwed it together, they didn’t clean out the mold.

It became extremely toxic.

The roof of the slide looks like someone threw white putty all over it. The mold issue is deadly.

to Anonymous #1392998

I agree to clean the weather strips and apply the silicone lubricant regularity, to protect and prevent them from drying out and shrinking. My slide is not an issue, but one of the brackets was not welded square, and needs major adjustment.

The slide does not even seal properly, leaving a 1” gap from top to nothing at bottom. And large bow in top header trim. Not sure if any adjustments will fix it or the slide was not built square. Very disappointed!

But on the bright side! Anyone buying a new RV- don’t buy a Jayco! Spend a few more dollars and check out Grand Designs rv’s . 3 year warranty and solid built!

Just talked to a fellow who has living in his Solitude for 3 years and had to repair the furnace only!! We live way up north in some pretty cold country!

Mine is on order!! Grande Design Solitude 310 GK !!

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