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This is my brand new jayco pinnacle Rv bought in January 2015 it is also a 2015 Rv after one trip you can see how big the stress crack was at fifty miles and so on. I have called numerous time trying to get this problem resolved and it is now June and still no call back the crack is getting larger every move

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of 2015 jayco pinnacle rv. Jayco needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I'm wandering if it's a major design issue and poor support with the slide.Not a lot of support under that slide and probably a fairly heavy unit as well.

I'm not impressed with the cheap frames on the Jayco's. I have a 2017 Jayco and it looks like the back portion of my 5th wheel is sagging. Too light weight of frames- 8" 9". It is almost 38 ft.

in length. I checked out a Solitude by Grand Design and they have nice heavy frames. I think its purely design in your case, lack of support, too light of frame material maybe lack of angle supports on the hitch. Mine is going in for a full front end cap to be replaced, so I will check out the frame when the cap gets pulled off, as to how solid they were constructed.

I am seeing some small bulges in the lower fibreglass panels. I think the manufacturer is trying to save on weight and they go with lighter gauge of steel and a lot of aluminium, is used as well for the floor. Mine has been a headache from day one, going with The Grand Design Solitude!

Better built for the extra money, better warranty!Quality product.

Brandon, Florida, United States #1196803

I have the same problem in my 2015 Forest River Surveyor. I have no idea what is going on I would like to fix it myself, take it to a shop to do it is going to take for ever. I have bad experience with that.

Houston, Texas, United States #1188773

Purchased same camper in March 2015.We just discovered stress cracks in same areas on both front living slides.

Seems like a big problem with this 2015 model.

That makes 3 2015's, same model with same problem.Best wishes in getting it repaired.


You better drill stop that crack or it will keep growing.

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