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First off, I am calling B.S. on many of these reviews that all seem to have been written by the same, uneducated, illiterate troll with an obvious agenda.

The consistent mis-spellings, poor grammar, and haphazard punctuation on so many of these reviews makes it REALLY obvious that the same person slapped them together. A competitor perhaps? Nah, this is America and that *** doesn't happen here. SMH.

Anyway, I bought a new Jayco TT and love it. I've used it 3 times. Is it perfect? No.

I have to take it in to see why the oven and the outside kitchen stove aren't getting propane. Other than that, it tows well, sets up easily, heats and cools great, and has NO LEAKS. Anywhere. These are lower-budget units when compared with the more expensive offerings from other manufacturers, but as a first camper purchase, I couldn't be happier.

Take all these negative reviews with a grain of salt, and remember that when you have a concentration of negative reviews, it makes it seem like everyone who owns one is bashing it. Not true.

There are many, many satisfied purchasers who don't bother to write GOOD reviews on a site dedicated to bad reviews. Jayco is fine in my book, at least so far.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Jayco Jay Flight 27bhs Rv.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Value for my money, Layout and decor of jayco.

I didn't like: Minor propane issue.

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I'm sorry you feel as though one person is writing these reviews. My name is Kira McClure and I proudly wrote a review on the failures enterprise has shown me.

My deepest and sincerest apologies for the miscommunication in words, o read them just fine. Have a blessed day.


Only a THIEVING Jayco representative would post a review like that.


That review is obviously written by a Jayco thieving sales man.


Wait for a couple more years then let everybody know when you linoleum and trim rips and falls off. Then in a few more years when you get leaks because at year 11 the rubber roof is ripping slowly then rotting out the wooden framed walls.

Then when Thor industries bought them out in 2016 no more factory installed TVs because they couldn’t keep up with warranty issues. Then actually if you travel further than your local campground something is going to break. The only thing not broke on my 07 jay flight was the air conditioner microwave and cupboard doors. Then get on you tube and watch jayco junk where they assemble this junk in under 7 hours!

Then instead of commenting on everybody's Grammer you be more worried about your piece of *** trailer falling apart!! Nice truck though.


I cannot get a rep on the phone or an email. I am having the same problem right now


Yes you bought it. But your not stuck.

No one seems to want to address your legal options.Read the contract. Take them to arbitration. Yes it’s a pain but it is and independent review of your issuesAnd if document and presented properly you will win.Yes arbitration must be in the manufacturers state but it worth the huge hassle in the end.They do nt want it because they know they will lose.

Get an attorney. I did it works.


As for the Jayco 26.5BHS we were unfortunate to have purchased it is a piece of JUNK! The door is so narrow that it flies open while going down the road.

Three water supply leaks and hadn't even used it. Cabinet door falling off. Roof has installation issues.

Four windows improperly installed. And that's not all of the issues!


Congrats... you're one of the few that either didn't get ripped off by Longview or perhaps you're in bed with them, either way they are the worst in the business.


They do rob people! It's a fact.

Just because you're happy now, don't mean a thing. These are people who've had history with them.

It's their experience. Lol and btw many many folks have bad Grammar


I like my camper. It just stinks.

I have spent over $400. Trying to get rid of the smell it's still there

to Anonymous #1440852

We had a rotten egg smell and it turns out you have to make sure the house battery(ies) are kept full. Who knew... all our vehicles have maintenance free batteries.


Ha ha, Yea it's all ***!

Just likes it's *** my front wall was never fastened to the front bottom floor boards.

They used screws that were too short. The result is my whole front wall fell down 1" during travel.

I was not aware of this until I inspected the roof and found the dicor was all split from the wall sinking. JAYCO=JUNK Smfh!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1263619

You are more than welcome to call this uneducated with a masters degree troll. My number is 904 4631796.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1262251

For sure it was not your 60,000 that is down the drain .just because you can speak or write better does not mean your a better person .what if it was one of your kids that got burned ?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1246881

Hope yours does not start leaking like our 2012, which now is not worth much as the Jayco dealership cannot find the leak so I guess we will just wait for the walls to rot away and then take it to a scrap yard. Oh yes all the seals were regularly checked.

Algonquin, Illinois, United States #1216267

Well you're the lucky one, were out 70,000 maybe you don't know the differance we've had 11 units this is the worst

Discovery Bay, California, United States #1200100

Well your lucky I bought a brand new Jayco 28 foot Elite and the reason all the stories sound the same is because they are sir... as far as the spelling really ???sounds like you work for Jayco ..hmmI we have a 2 year warranty so far it's been in the shop 8 months I paid $38,000 for it everything has broke.

so this is America as you stated for what purpose?

I have a masters. and you just got lucky give it time

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1183233

I certainly agree with you. My favorite is the writer who spells master bed as "matter", and storage door as "do". Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for Jayco or the dealer to communicate with such a person?

I have had problems with my Jay Feather, but dealing with Cedric, the service manager at Crestview in Buda, Texas, has been a pleasure.

to Anonymous Stavely, Alberta, Canada #1205235

I wish I could have found this dealership when my A frame was all buckled and I was stuck in valdez Alaska. But I was lucky enough to meet some of the nicest and most helpful people in Alaska making my problems a lot easier to deal with

Petrolia, Ontario, Canada #1183137

This sounds like it was written by a dealership

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