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First off, I am calling B.S. on many of these reviews that all seem to have been written by the same, uneducated, illiterate troll with an obvious agenda.

The consistent mis-spellings, poor grammar, and haphazard punctuation on so many of these reviews makes it REALLY obvious that the same person slapped them together. A competitor perhaps? Nah, this is America and that *** doesn't happen here. SMH.

Anyway, I bought a new Jayco TT and love it. I've used it 3 times. Is it perfect? No.

I have to take it in to see why the oven and the outside kitchen stove aren't getting propane. Other than that, it tows well, sets up easily, heats and cools great, and has NO LEAKS. Anywhere. These are lower-budget units when compared with the more expensive offerings from other manufacturers, but as a first camper purchase, I couldn't be happier.

Take all these negative reviews with a grain of salt, and remember that when you have a concentration of negative reviews, it makes it seem like everyone who owns one is bashing it. Not true.

There are many, many satisfied purchasers who don't bother to write GOOD reviews on a site dedicated to bad reviews. Jayco is fine in my book, at least so far.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Jayco Jay Flight 27bhs Rv.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Jayco Pros: Value for my money, Layout and decor of jayco.

Jayco Cons: Minor propane issue.

Location: Augusta, Georgia

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Very helpful


We have a Jayco 5th wheel that is now over a year old.Compared to the 100,000 dollar Keystone unit we sold earlier,we are very [pleased with this camper.Love the layout and the lighter colors in the interior.We chose the 2020 to get the tan exterior color.Would have loved the no carpet 2021,which was available,but didnt want the white exterior.So far would purchase again.


I can tell you their floors are crap. Ours are falling through.

NO water damage just poor design.

That is not a minor problem. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against these crooks.


Did you find out what the problem was with your propane? I just bought a Jayco Eagle 338RETS and I'm having the same problem. Other than that though I totally agree it is a very nice camper.


Maybe if you had bought a REAL trailer instead of the cheapest junk made buy the rv industry. But buying a used old junk pile just to take pictures of sitting in your drive way. Dont qualify you as a real RVer.so keep your ignorant comments to yourself FOOL.


It doesn’t matter if people misspell words the issues are real. You work for Jayco?

Sounds like you do with your strong words. My trailer also has issues as most products do, it’s how they handle the customer issues with a resolution that completes the sale.


Thanks for your opinion


I wouldn’t be too quick to call BS on the reviews due to poor grammar and punctuation. I’m a retired engineer who worked for 26 years for one of the major class 8 truck manufacturers.

During that time, I read thousands of service reports and complaints and I can tell you that a good portion of the people in this country are virtually illiterate.

Their ability to explain something in writing is poor, and trying to understand the point they might be trying to make is sometimes painful. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their posts are fabrications, it simply means they can’t explain their problems using proper grammar and punctuation.


If this guy thinks these posts are a load of BS then he can come look at my Lemon then maybe he will shut his piehole


Here is an update to our trailer issues that started on the first day we picked up our new trailer from the dealership and drove only about 30 miles home to already have issues inside our trailer. My wife and I bought our 2017 Jayco Jayflight brand new 3 years ago.

It spent most of its time in the shop with nothing but more trouble on every trip that we tried to take. Long story short, Jayco tried to offer us $500 for our trouble and we said no way! We live in California and ended up getting a lawyer. 9 months later, we are done with it and it is property of Jayco again.

People told us that you cannot lemon law an RV, but that is not the truth.

If you are done dealing with a lemon and are at the end of your wits with a terribly built trailer, get a lawyer and let them deal with Jayco. I hope this helps people that were told that you have no options besides trade in or deal with a terrible trailer.

@Mr Central Valley CA

Glad your situation was resolved. I have a lemon and I just started working with my lemon lawyer. Hoping for Justice


I am glad that you are starting down your path to resolution. It was a very long 9 months for us while we made the trailer payment, paid for storage, and paid insurance all while not being able to use our trailer, but it worked out in the long run. I wish you the best and hope your lawyer is as good as mine was.


If you think you have had problems with that Jayco, wait until the issues begin with that Ram.


I bought a 2015 Jayco hybrid and the only issue I am having with it is getting the hot water heater to work. I have no other complaints. My name is Charles Teal.


I wonder if the guy who wrote this shining example of good grammar is still in love with his Jayco three years after the fact. Most failures become apparent after the second or third year.

Are you still out there? Does you Jayco still have no flaws?

Did you ever get propane to the stoves? Is it still NOT LEAKING?


nah - there are lots of bad trailers in the cheap category.


Troll for sure. They may have had a bad experience but writing a bunch of poor reviews is pretty sad. Must have a lot of time on their hands.


Give it time. They build them in 6-7 hrs.

I don’t think they hit a single rafter with their staple gun and most staples are working up into the rubber roof because there is nothing to hold the staples! Be sure to check the ever-bond tape on the slide outs. I’m replacing a roof on my 3 yr old Jayco’s slide because the tape was improperly applied. There should also have been two layers applied instead of one.

Needless to say Jayco won’t do anything about it. After peeling back the rot and exposing their work I’m extremely disappointed in the quality of the workmanship.


Unfortunately you are correct. I worked and their quality was last on their mind it was always quantity.

Even in the auditing and PDI they ran 24-27 units a day. How can you properly check systems doing that many a day. Even quality was neglected.

I have worked in other Rv factories and they cared about whether the generator would stay running or the leveling jacks worked correctly. Unfortunately Jayco isn’t it.


This reviewer should not be posting about other people’s issues when he has no direct knowledge of their trailer. I have a 2017 Jayco Jayflight 28BHBS that has been a total failure.

The first 2 years I owned it, it was in the shop more days than I had it in my possession. I now have no warranty and some of the same issues have come back for a 3rd time and new ones have come to light. I am guessing that you call this BS because you have no direct knowledge of my trailer issues. But, this is all true and Jayco offered me $500 for my troubles.

I am getting a lawyer as this is not normal and this is not my first trailer. I owned my last trailer 5 years and it was almost perfect.

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