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I owned a very nice 3 year old Jayco trailer that we decided to trade on a new Eagle Premier. (A BIG MISTAKE) After shopping around I found a good deal in Little Hocking Ohio.

After 4 months the bedroom slide out failed in the out position. I called several local dealers after referrals from Jayco. NO DEALERS WOULD HANDLE OUR SLIDEOUT FAILURE AS WE DIDN'T BUY FROM THEM. We can't move the trailer with a slide in the out position.

Finally after several weeks a contractor was brought in and the slide was pushed in. I had to make blocks to hold the slide for the return to the dealer where purchased. The story gets worse. Having parked the trailer in northern Michigan the bedroom slide fails again weeks later.

NO JAYCO DEALER in the area will make a repair! So another contractor is arranged to make the repairs. He makes 2 trips of 100 miles each RT as directed by Jayco to inspect and a third trip 8 weeks later with the parts finely to make the needed repairs. GUESS WHO GETS STUCK PAYING FOR A SERVICE CALL.


Call me if you want more information. Ralph (440) 343-7507

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Slide outs can be a pain. Our 2017 Thor Miramar 34.3 was purchased new with a track missing in the 3TRAX full wall slide system. See our story at

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1333971

Glad that there is sites like this to offer good advice to potentials customers! I nearly bought a Montana by Keystone!

Sorry I didn't. Jayco has a nice exterior, but the quality of the build is junk! I have at least 9 issues, worst is plywood separations and squeaks in the flooring. Less than 2 weeks old!

Contacted my dealer and waiting for a response! Best advice I can give to any potential Jayco buyer, look closely at everything in detail, you will be shocked to find a lot of poor quality workmanship!

Stavely, Alberta, Canada #1205224

I wish I would have found this site while I was researching my jayco purchase it would have saved me a lot of grief. But I must say that either jayco or the dealer I bought the trailer from has tried to resolve my problem

Pittsburg, California, United States #1201408

So sorry to hear about your Jayco problems. This is a letter I sent to the had of Customer Service at Jayco, plus my latest update on our brand new Jayco Precept 31 UL:

722 Bentley Court

Brentwood, CA 94513


July 8, 2016

Roger Johnson, Customer Service Manager Jayco, Inc.

903 S. Main Street Middlebury, IN 46540 RE: 2016 Jayco Precept Serial #: 1F65F5DY5G0A07198 Dear Mr. Johnson: On May 28, 2016, we bought a 2016 31' Jayco Precept from Manteca Trailer and Motorhome, LLC, 204 Vasconcellos Avenue, Manteca, CA 95336. After a less than one day trip in the Precept, we were forced to return the coach to Manteca Trailer and Motorhome dealership.

The following problems were identified: Rear of motorhome (driver side) has separated from body by approximately 1 inch Kitchen faucet mounted too close to wood cabinet, causing deep gouge in wood Dinette table mounted on wall unstable, causing table and wall to pull away Pullout pantry cabinet slams out while driving, and then drawers in cabinet also slam out Pullout drawer under stove slams out while driving Pullout drawer in bedroom slams out while driving Driver side window does not close completely, creating a constant whistling noise Driver side window, while closed, developed an extremely loud noise, at about a 90 db level, sounding like a loud leaf blower Crackling noise, similar to sand hitting inside the wall, around exit door and transom window, continuous Crackling noise, similar to sand hitting inside the wall, next to driver side window, appeared after approximately 100 miles of driving Screen door does not open with entry door Rubber molding around entry door separated and flying in the wind (only now partially attached) Unable to code keyless entry lock Wood fascia trim on side of slide detached Missing LP plastic gauge on tank, unable to read tank level Refrigerator continuously flashing error message, "LO dc" Extremely difficult to open entry door using inside handle Velcro cushions in dinette area do not adhere, constantly pulling away and slipping 110 volt at dashboard as well as USB ports inoperative Completely inadequately labeled Fresh Water/City Water Fill inlets (2) Completely confusing, inadequately labeled dials for setting fill options Cabinet handles not level 2016 Precept Manual completely inadequate as form of reference – generic and does not apply to 2016 Precept 2. To further elaborate on the above list: We noted at the time of purchase, that the placement of the sink faucet pressed up against the wood cabinet. When the slider was opened, a wear pattern was created causing a groove in the wooden cabinet directly behind the faucet. We also noted that the wall on which the kitchen dinette table was attached, flexed with even the slightest pressure on the table.

There had been a bead of silicone run along the table/wall, however, that had already given way and was no longer adherent. It was also an inadequate "fix" for this problem. The wall is not stable and cannot support the dinette table. It was also noted that numerous handles on the various wooden cabinets were not level.

On our initial test drive at the dealership, the driver side window, although closed and locked, vibrated open slightly after driving a few miles, creating a whistling noise. The window was pulled closed and the lock again securely closed, only to have the whistle begin again after only a few miles. (This problem has continued constantly since the motorhome was picked up.) These problems were pointed out to the staff at Manteca Trailer and Motorhome. They agreed that all of the above were problematic and needed to be corrected, however, they recommended that we take the motorhome on our first trip to see if there were any other problems that might need to be addressed.

We picked up the motorhome on June 2, 2016, and brought it to our home in Brentwood before taking it to a gated storage facility in Brentwood, CA. When backing the Precept out of our driveway (completely unloaded), which has only a very slight decline, the left side of the motorhome touched the asphalt on the street causing a scrape on the Precept body. In reviewing the 2016 Precept Manual provided, there is no mention of a problem with backing-up or down on any level. Photo attached of the driveway.

When at the gated storage, we attempted numerous times to set the code on the keyless entry and were unable to program the keyless entry. We took our first trip in our Jayco Precept on June 28, 2016, to Twin Lakes, California, a distance of approximately 199 miles. After we arrived at the campground, we had a very difficult time trying to ascertain which fill (upper or lower) was for the fresh water fill, due to inadequate labeling. Our previous Class C Freelander had identical fill ports, one for external water and one for tank fill.

The two fills on the Jayco Precept are so ambiguously and inadequately labeled, that it was impossible to know which one to use to fill the fresh water tank. The Precept Manual was of no help. There was no diagram and the instructions very, very generic, absolutely not describing this particular motorhome. The instructions in Section 8 – Plumbing System, don't even have photos to describe how and where to fill the fresh water.

In addition, the two separate "utility center valve" instructions in the Manual are vague and generic, again without one photo to show settings. The City Water Fill, City Water Tank Fill and Country Water Fill instructions on Section 8-12, 8-13, are generic and completely inadequate in describing the filling process. What does "place the utility center valves in the 'Normal' position" mean? How would we even know that "utility center valves" even are?

One simple photo in the Manual would have been of enormous help. In the process of trying to determine which fill port to use to fill the fresh water tank, we chose the lower fill inlet (which was the same one we used on our Freelander). We thought there was something wrong with the tank since it wasn't filling. Unbeknownst to us, it was filling up the black water tank – which was not properly identified.

Why would a black water tank fill even be located in this area? It should be in the completely separate area where the black water and gray water valves are located. Again, nothing in the 2016 Precept Manual. After numerous trips in and out of the motorhome to check the level of the Fresh Water, it was noted that there was water flowing out of the bathroom.

Upon 3. opening the bathroom door, the toilet was overflowing. I stepped on the flush valve to empty it, and the black water shot up like a fountain, spraying black water all over. In referring to your website online 2016 Precept Manual, which is slightly different from the generic manual provided with the coach, the wording is ambiguous and vague: Page 97, Fresh Water Holding Tank: There may be several ways to fill the fresh water tank depending on the model.

For details of each method, refer to the Fresh Water Connections or the Utility Center (if so equipped) sections. There are plastic overflow tubes plumbed into the fresh water holding tank which allows water to flow out of the water tank (see City Water Fill). Occasionally, you may see water coming from the overflow tubes when the fresh water holding tank is filled. This is normal and can be a result of the recreation vehicle being parked on an incline, or the motion caused by starting or stopping during travel.

What does this even mean? Page 95 There are two different water systems in your recreation vehicle: The fresh water system consists of the fresh water holding tank, fresh water connections, water pump, outside shower assembly (if so equipped), water heater, faucets, tub/ shower, and water purification system (if so equipped). The same vague, generic explanations were found for everything listed in this manual. This manual should at least be specific (preferably with photos) to the 2016 Precept Motorhome, which it supposedly represents.

The refrigerator flashed an error message, LO dc. Again, referring to the Manual was of no assistance. In reading the NorCold Manual, the description of the error message was similarly vague. I called the Technical Assistance line for NorCold, and they said this was covered under warranty and we should take it to a service facility for repair.

It was at this point, after less than one day, that we decided that we needed to return the motorhome to Manteca for these issues. Needless to say, it was a disappointing start to our planned four-day vacation. On the trip home, the pullout pantry cabinet started slamming out while driving, and then drawers in the cabinet also slammed out. Each time, I would securely push the pantry cabinet back in, as well as the drawers, only to have this same scenario repeat over and over and over.

The drawer under the stove and drawers in the bedroom also opened multiple times. The outside rubber molding around the entry door was flying in the wind, flapping as we drove. On our return home, the slamming out of the pantry cabinet and various drawers started. While dealing with the opening of the multiple drawers, I noted a fairly loud noise, like sand, or some loose material, vibrating around and beside the exit/entry door.

This same loud noise vibration later developed in the wall area next to the driver side window. (This is a completely separate noise from the whistling and loud window noises.) After we arrive at the Manteca Trailer and Motorhome dealership, we noted the rear panel detachment on the right side of the coach. Our motorhome has been at the Manteca Trailer and Motorhome dealership since June 30, 2016. You 4.

can imagine our disappointment in the quality of this Jayco product. We dread to think of what will happen when we take the Precept on a longer trip. At least on our first trip, we were only approximately 200 miles away from home. the Manteca Trailer and Motorhome dealership had stressed the Jayco quality over and over during our purchase process.

Even saying that these motorhomes were "made by the Amish." Even your manual states: Old World Amish craftsmanship. Other than previously owning a Class C Coachman Freelander for a short time, we are really new to the RV process. We wanted to buy a new, quality product with electric options that we could enjoy as we travel the USA. Without even a decent manual to refer to if we have questions, we are very, very worried about being able to enjoy an uncomplicated trip in this Precept RV.

In calling the Customer Service number listed in the 2016 Precept Manual, there is no option for RV, only Travel Trailer. Upon speaking with an operator at your Indiana facility, it was told that the number in the manual was not the number for RV Customer Service. Just another of the multiple problematic and misleading instructions. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to our problems.

Sincerely yours, Attachment: Photo of 722 Bentley Court driveway cc: In the 41 days that the RV was at the Manteca Trailer and RV dealership, they detected additional problems necessitating the replacement of the solenoid. Since this did not correct the refrigerator LOdc problem, two new batteries were installed. They also replaced the driver side window and new keyless entry lock, as the first one never was able to be programmed. August 19, 2016 Update: Since the 2016 had been at Manteca RV since June 30, 2016, we were told that we could take it out on another trip, while we are still waiting for more of the warranty problems to be corrected.

We never heard directly from Roger Johnson, or anyone else at Jayco in Indiana. On our four day trip to Southern Oregon from California, approximately 600 miles total, the following new problems were noted: Navigation system did not work. The play in the steering wheel has been problematic since Day 1, necessitating a constant moving of the steering wheel to the right and left to keep the RV tracking straight on the road. As we drove up Highway 5 in CA, we started hearing a loud popping, ping sound, as if a bolt had snapped.

This happened approximately seven times over the length of the trip. The sound was located in the front passenger side area. Refrigerator ran continuously in propane mode, never stopping. The LOdc error message periodically flashed on the refrigerator.

The front air conditioning unit did not cool the below 95 degrees, even though unit and the Cummins generator ran continuously all evening. The windshield wiper on the driver side skipped over the front window about 6 inches at a skip and was not adequate to cover the size of the window, even if it hadn't skipped. The passenger side wiper skipped but not the degree that the driver side did. Bathroom medicine cabinet backing inside detached.

It was only held in place with silicone to begin with. Wind squeaks returned to driver side new window, as well as passenger side window, window in exit door and gasket area on passenger side slide-out The USB ports and plugs are only operative when the generator is running, not when the motor is running. I could only charge my cellphone by using the cigarette lighter socket. The Auto Level Retractor only registered that the left front and left side as retracted.

The light stayed lit for rear and right side, necessitating that we exit the RV to confirm that they were, in fact, retracted. The generator showed an error message 35. On our first day out, when we returned to the motor home, the only door in or out of the unit was jammed. We struggled for 1-1/2 hours before my husband finally gave one BIG pull and the door popped open.

After that, we still had difficulty opening the door from the inside. We would have to sit on the inside top step and push with all our might to get the door to open. The plastic trim on the kitchen cabinet shelves is not attached and has started to detach. Manteca Trailer and RV picked up the RV this morning.

It is unknown when this very poor quality RV will be "fixed." I am in the process of pursuing the California Lemon Law. Please, please, please, never buy a Jayco product. False advertising. They are not made by the Amish and there is not Amish craftsmanship - just cheap quality.

Even the handles on the cabinets are at an angle, not level. Like looking at crooked pictures on a wall. Can you believe Jayco's Mission Statement!!!

Jayco Mission Statement: At Jayco, our mission statement is: Committed to being the most respected name in recreation vehicles. We will consistently build a high quality, high value, competitively priced product at acceptable margins, treat every situation with the highest level of integrity in a timely manner, and continually work to reduce total cost to achieve acceptable returns.

to wheelha Hermiston, Oregon, United States #1333636

I am sooo sorry to hear your horror. I am glad I read these reviews before buying. I'm thinking maybe I'll stick with what I have and call it good!

to wheelha #1354011

Our pinnacle has now spent over 9 months in service , no one cares they just wait for the warranty to run thing read your manual if your planning on full timing as then they don't have to warranty anything,tell all your friends

to Anonymous #1392924

Sorry about your issues our 2015 pinnacle has been I service over a year I could write a book .the workmanship is garbage, customer service people flat out lie to you as well as my cubs fan writer only hope is young families read these before spending their hard earned money


We bought an2024 eagle premier. Less then a year of buying it, we've had it rewired, window replaced due to being put in dented.

Strereo replaced due to dvd player not working. Control panel replaced due to high pitch buzzing. Shower door handles literally feel off. Back burner on stove not working.

We've used it 4 times and had to take it back to dealer each time. Due to something going wrong each time. Very poorly built. And very dissatisfied with my $70,000 purchase.

Do not buy the eagle premier. Is a very bad purchase.

to Anonymous #1411996

“Black water shot up from the toilet like a fountain”. I feel your pain, but can’t you just look under the RV and follow the lines from the fresh water tank back to the correct inlet if your not sure? I mean it’s an RV, not the space shuttle!

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