My 2016 Precept 35US coach is currently being repaired by Holman RV near Batavia, OH. They just installed a new front cap but the windshield did not fit.

They were advised by Jayco parts several weeks ago that Jayco supplied the incorrect front cap and had to mold a new cap. Now Jayco Parts are saying the front cap is correct but are unable to supply the correct windshield. I'm hearing mixed stories and would like to know the truth and when I could expect the parts to complete my coach.

Jayco account number G0A06231.

UPDATE: Spoke with a lady in Claims yesterday. For some reason their cap supplier destroyed the original 2016 35US mold and did not advise Jayco.

The supplier sent a new cap that fits the coach but nothing from the original cap fits so Jayco had to create a new bill of material for the new cap to include all the parts to finish my 2016.

Looking at least 4 weeks out to get the new parts and another 2 weeks to install. My dealer, Holman RV has been wonderful and gracious to work with, could not ask for better service.

User's recommendation: Work with your repair facility and advocate for yourself with Jayco.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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