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Satellite TV

My 2018 Greyhawk 31FS is supposedly prewired for satellite tv.I cannot find any evidence of this.

Also, there are two coax connectors in the storage cabinets, one on the driver side and one on the passenger side. Are both of these inputs? or outputs? There is no labeling whatsoever?

Can you send me a diagram of the av system? I have a Direct TV h24-700 receiver with the Slimline dish. What is the best way to connect this to my av system.

Obviously, if possible, I would like for the system to work with the roof antenna and the cable/satellite system.I have a tv up front, one in the bedroom, and two in the bunks.


trailer hitchs

can you put a trailer hitch on the back of a jayco trailer


Can a 2007 Jayco 5th wheel trailer be retrofitted with elect. power leveling jacks?


Who makes the headlights for the 2016 Precept 31 UL?

We recently purchased a used 2016 Precept 31 UL(Vin# 1F65F5DY2FOA10008) Chassis make GR1145A and the headlights are all but useless, I can't see more than about 20 feet in front of the motorhome and they are a real dim yellow.Who makes the headlight and how can I upgrade them?

I do not want to buy new headlights a $300 a piece.

Thanks for any help.Mike S.


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