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With only 2500 miles on my new 2017 Jayco 317, I lost my left rear wheel. We were very lucky that this happened in the desert with no on coming traffic.

According to Jayco warranty service, this was all my fault since I did not check the torque every 100 miles?????. This trailer was setup by the dealer and signed off as ready for the road. It still did not matter, a visual and lug nut check every fuel stop was not enough! I needed to prove that I checked and torqued each wheel every 100 miles...

If you find yourself with is problem, do not count on Jayco to stand behind their warranty ... I was vey lucky not to hurt somebody ...

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Sound like you do not do pre-trip on your stuff to check for any loss or broken parts like other people wait till it happen and bl-aim otherd for your fault truck driver do pre-trips before going on road but I seen some that do not do that as well.

to OSHA #1410795

I indicated that i checked every fuel stop both visual and manual (hand check the lug nuts). But , no I did not do a torque check every time.

Do you think drivers check their wheel nuts every 100 miles... don't thinks so.

I'm not a novice pulling trailers and i do know how to do a pre-trip and post trip... This was a defective wheel

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