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2018 Jayco X213, Purchased camper new and have had nothing but problems, owner’s manual is generic and provides no help with trouble shooting any of the problems. First trip I had problem with electrical system blowing fuses. Electric tongue jack did not work and no power in the camper from the Battery. All fuses identified in the owner’s information checked out ok. Took to dealer who said they did not have time to look at and I could leave, I was on vacation. I later found a hidden 40 amp fuse outside and under the camper that is not identified in the owner’s manual. Replaced the fuse several times and still had issues. The trailer battery would drain to zero charge in short time when I could keep the 40 amp fuse from blowing. I turned off everything in the camper and the battery still had a load that drained the camper that I could not find so I had to install a battery cutout switch. Took to dealer and they were no help. Other issues were drawers in the camper would slide out while traveling as the latch was not installed properly, ceiling fan the operator for the damper was messed up so you could not open the damper and the table fell off the mounts. The heater thermostat did not work and I had to replace. I contacted Jayco for these problems and had no support. They sent me a picture of a thermostat. Second trip, still had trouble with table and tongue jack would not work electrically. My third trip was the real issues, slide would not work when we got to camp ground. All fuses checked good and I pulled the switch which had power and it checked out ok. Figured motor was bad but hard to reach due to trailer design. The owner’s manual referenced a tool that was not included with my camper. Took several hours to manually crank the slide out with no tool. I purchased materials and tools at Lowes to get the slide back in and later then decided to remove the motor which I though must be bad. I noticed a wire nut that was melted on the wires to the motor. I cut the wire and taped the wires together and the slide worked. Next issue was when hooking up the camper I noticed the breakaway switch for the brakes looked melted. On inspection I found the wire to the switch had been stripped to far and contacted the hitch causing a ground. This was most likely the issue with the blown fuses and the battery draining. I taped the wire but the switch appears to be burnt and this was most likely the cause of my electrical problems for the blown fuse and discharging of the battery. I assume the break away switch has not worked since I purchased the camper. So far I had to spend over $200 in tools to fix problems when using the camper away from home, Had to interrupt my vacation leaving campsites early with no refund on my stay. I contacted Jayco with pictures of the problems and received sorry, hope you can now enjoy your camper. They did specify there is a two-year warranty but problem is no jayco warranty dealers close to where I live and when you get to a camp site who can take the camper to a dealer to get things fixed. This is my 4th camper and the only one I would highly recommend no one buy. Who wants to spend their vacation time working on a camper.

Trip 1 to Asheboro, NC

Power issues, fuses keep blowing

Power Jack does not work

Battery will not hold a charge, new deep cycle batter, (drained to 0 volts)

Vent fan, cannot open cover, handle to operate is stripped, use screw driver to operate

Gas tank cover fell apart while driving, found with only 1 screw holding it together

Table broke again, screws fell out.

Drawers no secure, slide out while traveling

Trip 2 to Pigeons Forge, TN

Heater control found the on off switch was broke. Fellow camper fixed as he had just replaced his thermostat and put his old one on my camper.

Trip 3 to Dover Delaware

Slide out did not work, missing tools to operate per owner’s manual.

Power Jack did not work

Found safety brake controller burnt up

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Jayco Jay Feather X213 Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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That complaint is too long to read in its entirety, but welcome to the club ; RVs and trailers are the single most complained of bigger ticket items on this website. I honestly don't understand , based on my limited exposure through this forum (I would never take a driving trip, I have terrible inner ear disease and can't handle motion for long) why anyone even buys these things. They must be gluttons for punishment and too wealthy for their own good ...

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